Posting Comments

RSS Bandit addresses the fact that participating in RSS feeds is not necessarily a passive activity, but one in which the user may participate. For feeds that support the CommentAPI, RSS Bandit provides the ability to post a comment to an item.

Right clicking an item in the Headlines section brings up the following context menu (see Figure 1). In this case, the feed does not support the CommentAPI and thus the first item in the context menu, "Post Reply", is grayed out.

Feed Items Context Menu
Figure 1. Feed Items Context Menu.

For feeds that do support the CommentAPI, selecting "Post Reply" brings up the following dialog (see figure 2).

Post Reply Dialog
Figure 2. Post Reply Dialog.

User Identity
The user identity area allows you to select an identity to use when posting your comment. The identity you select determines the personal information that will be sent. This information is displayed on the dialog. Clicking on the "Identities..." button brings up the Manage Identities dialog (see Managing Your Identities).

The reply section provides fields for entering the title and body of a reply. If the site accepts HTML markup, select the checkbox with the label "Send Newlines as <br/>" to automatically replace new lines with the <br/> tag.

Clicking the "Submit" button will then post your comment to the feed s and store a copy in the "Sent Items" special feed on RSS Bandit. If a feed has comments, a little box with a plus sign next to it is displayed. Clicking on the plus will display the list of comments posted to the feed item.

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